Had absolutely nothing but the best service and advice since day one! Keep up the good work Hein and the team!

Pieter Lourens, Orbit

Brand New matches their client’s commitment is to their brand. Thank you Hein and Brand New for the awesome quality work and your professionalism.

Werner Coetzee, A GOOD HEART

Thank you Hein. I’m am so impressed! I have no words to express my joy. This is really good work & feels like a part of me. Thank you.

 Dr Kunju

My expectations were exceeded far beyond my needs. Excellent service!

Wynand Liebenberg, Wynand Liebenberg

Thought you would be interested to see that organisations are now using the 3rd age in the their promotions of events. Shows how forward thinking you guys are!!

Graeme Young. CA(SA), CFP®, AIISA, Hollard Equity Partnerships, Third Age

Brand New is an intergraded part of our business. They went to great lengths to esure they understood our business. Our branding communicates what our business services and products represents! Brand New is our one stop contact for everything brand related.

Jaco Myburg, Westfert

The service I have received from Brand New, thus far, has been amazing. I had difficulty articulating my company’s vision and how I envisioned the Sanu brand to look. Hein guided me through the process, assisting me to articulate my vision resulting in a brand that I LOVE. They were very patient when I was indecisive and firm when I was veering off into the wrong direction. I truly cannot fault their service in any way.  The new brand is everything Sanu and myself embody. It is modern, powerful, classy and I believe timeless. The process has been great and I look forward working together, going forward. Zanele

Zanele, SANU


Our brand was edgy but it was almost supernatural how our entire business was changed by the rebranding process. There was new life, new ideas, new visions and new people. We all felt invigorated and ready to tackle our market with energy that I last felt when we started the business. It caused a complete clean up and I would recommend the process to every business, no matter the size. If you want build a lasting business, no matter the size. If you want to build a lasting legacy, start with your brand development, and use Hein, because I have never met someone who is more naturally talented and more passionate about Brand development.

Kevin Howell, OUCH!

Brand New not only changed our company’s name and “look & feel”, they repositioned our business in the market from being seen as “ordinary” to that of “exceptional”. After getting involved and learning the background and character of our business, they enabled us to become a national role player, competing with the best in our field. Their work is brilliant and their strategy and approach in teaching us to “live our brand” is remarkable. We underestimated the power of a proper branding strategy but thanks to Hein and his professional team, we have experienced extraordinary growth in the last three years. I can recommend Brand New to any business, from the smallest to the largest corporate.
Thank you Hein!

Erick Liebenberg, Core

Brand New re-branded Enviroworks with the most amazing designs and an absolute “in-touch feel” for our passion. The feedback from our clients were overwhelmingly positive and we really appreciate their insight. Our brand speaks speaks for itself!

Elbi Bredenkamp, Enviroworks

Brand New understands branding. The brand development process gave us a deeper insight of who we are and what we represent in the market. Their professional service was timely and the exceeded all our expectations.

Jaco Weihmann, Director KWJ

Wat ‘n plesier was dit om met Brand New te werk, toe ons besluit het om Bloemsec se korporatiewe identiteit te verander. Ons nuwe identiteit en slagspreuk, “Veiling in Ons Hande”, posisioneer ons as leiers in die mark. Brand New se diens was effektief en professioneel en ons sal hulle, as agentskap, aanbeveel vir enige besigheid wat hulle korporatiewe identiteit wil  herposisioneer

Das van Deventer, Direkteur Bloemsec

Re-branding” is ’n baie moeilike proses aangesien ‘n mens die beeld van ‘n besigheid wil vernuwe maar nie bestaande kliënte wil vervreem nie. Deur Brand New deel van hierdie proses te maak, kon ons dit met groot sukses regkry. Hulle het ‘n proses wat ‘n potensiële kopseer kon veroorsaak , in ‘n maklike taak veranderr

Loelie Huggett, Hoofbestuurder Samba

Die proses om ons firma se identiteit te vernuwe/ontwikkel was vir ons in alle opsigte ‘n aangename ervaring en het net positiewe kommentaar ontlok. Brand New se entoesiasme, kreatiwiteit, insig belangstelling en die pas waarmee volgehou is, is vir ons as firma inspirerend. Ons is baie in ons skik met die resultaat en weet dat ons net baat vind uit die nuwe firma identiteit.

Tania van Zyl, Direkteur GXY Architects

Dear Hein and the BRAND NEW team, thank you for your excellent and professional service.We appreciate your holistic approach in order to determine the ethos of our business. With the fresh brand design you have successfully capture the core of our business. Our radical change in branding was well received in the market.

Erik van Driel, Dpd


With well earned respect, I confidently recommend the services of Brand New to anyone who wants to reinvent or create a new brand image. They are skilled individuals whose knowledge of brand development is overwhelming. They make the effort of understanding how you interpret your company’s values and standards, to develop a brand that is true and unique. Their attitude, application of effort and innovative spirit sets them apart from other brand development companies.

Hannes Coetzer, Defero


The brand new look and feel of CityMed Day Hospital was conceptualised and designed by Hein du Plessis and the Brand New team.  Their insight, professionalism and experience made this an interesting and rewarding journey, from beginning to end.

Vivienne Pistorius, CityMed


We heard about Brand New via “word of mouth “. We had a very unique and specific vision and expectation of what our brand should look like. From the beginning Hein and his team grasped and interpreted our vision and we believe the end result embodies who we are. Brand New has the ability to turn creative ideas into professional end products, unique to each client’s individual needs. AruA Game wants to thank Brand New again for their passionate behaviour and constant good service.

Celeste Naude, Arua


Brand new transformed the way we communicate and live our brand. The brand they developed for us gives us pride as we can communicate to the public the excellence of our services through it. Thanks Brand New!

Christy du Plessis, Christy du Plessis


Thank you Brand New for your assistance and support with the rebranding of Berea. It was an emotional struggle to change after having the same image for 25 years. Your empathy made the process easier and now we have an contemporary and vibrant brand. You are fantastic and we will certainly recommend you.

Johanita, Berea


It is with great pleasure that we recommend Brand New to anyone who has need of a branding agency. Our previous brand was out-dated and a crisp new look was needed to fit in with a new and growing market. The team is very professional, adaptable, vibrant and truly understands the needs of their clients

Mimosa Mall


BrandNew is a very professional team. They understood and executed all my needs during the branding process of my start-up company. I will definitely recommend them to anyone. Than you Hein!

Gys Briedenhann, Briedenhann Prop


I will recommend BRAND New to anybody, and I wish to work with them on other projects in the future: Hein is professional, intelligent and witty. A pleasure to work with him. We love you and thanks for everything up to now. We wish you all of the best!

Alta, YREC


Working with Hein and his team at Brand New reminds me of opening gifts – the anticipation, the excitement and then at last – the unfolding of a new brand that just takes your breath away. Milton Glaser says there are three responses to a piece of design – yes, no and WOW! Wow is the one to aim for. Brand New hits the WOW every time!

Sara-Lea van Eden, Bovine


Hein and his team at Brand New, have given us exactly that. A brand new focus and commitment to who we are, what we do and how to navigate the way forward. They have translated our feelings, instincts and dreams into concrete principles, guiding our internal decision making as well as externally to define Test It LAB to our clients. Change is not easy, but with Brand New’s navigation process of self-discovery filled with empathy, humour and sometimes a firm hand, our new positioning has resulted in rewards for our staff as well as a growing client base!

Dr Eslabe, Test IT Lab


Thanks to Brand New my clients now have a better understanding of what my company represents. They always deliver on time with efficient, prompt and friendly service. This was probebly the best customer service I have ever experienced. I would highly recommend them to anyone who is wants to give rebrand their company.

Marchant, M Tech


It is with much appreciation that I write to you and your team, as discussed we are having a huge response to the Re – Branding of our swimming club. I need to admit I was silently concerned about the way forward with the “new look” but your professional explanations and support proved all my concerns were for naught. We cannot express our thanks enough and have already had positive approaches from swimmers at other clubs who are now considering joining us, as they see changes for the betterment of the sport being implemented by “SUPER SEALS” I would not hesitate to recommend your services and team to any institution as I am now convinced of the power of BRANDING.

Louis Hugo, Chairman Super Seals



Om so groot stap te neem na elf jaar met ‘n spesifieke identiteit het so bietjie waagmoed van ons kant af geverg, en julle morele ondersteuning in hierdie verband was prysenswaardig.  Dankie vir die tyd wat julle aan ons afgestaan het, maak nie saak wanneer ons julle nodig gehad het nie, die ure se werk om die nuwe identiteit in plek te kry, die wonderlike opening om die nuwe identiteit te vier.  Niks was ooit te veel moeite nie. Ek kan julle met ‘n oop gemoed aanbeveel by enigeen wat so dapper stap wil neem.  Hulle kan absoluut staatmaak op ‘n professionele diens gelewer deur ‘n maatskappy wat nie die omgee-element vergeet wanneer met kliënte gewerk word nie.  Nogmaals baie dankie, dit is ‘n voorreg om met julle geassosieer te wees.

Dr Oene Los, Horizon


We tested the water with Brand New through one of our industrial holdings, Speedmark Polymers and were nothing less than impressed by Brand New understanding of a highly specialised industrial application and their interpretation of our business model, target audience and strategic vision. The high quality product produced had an immediate positive impact on how Speedmark Polymers is perceived in the marketplace and the way in which we interact with existing and potential new clients. The product delivered immediate positive results on SpeedMark Polymers’ sales pipeline and headline numbers.I can honestly recommend the Brand New team as an innovative outfit that punches way above its weight, with products that delivers results where it matters, on the bottom line.

Speed Mark


The development of my brand at Brand New was an experience far beyond that of the standard logo and applications. It felt like a visit to a business coach and psychologist all in one. My reason for being in business was scrutinised and dissected by means of a well-structured, unique questionnaire which was facilitated in a professional way. I had to think and rethink my vision and mission and discovered so much more about myself and my business due to this highly interactive branding process. The subsequent revealing of my new brand image was a goose bump moment, since I felt an immediate emotional connection to it.  The sight of my brand still inspires me and will always act as a reminder of why I decided to do business. Thank you to the team at Brand New!

Mariaan Maartens, Cornerstone


It is six months since I started using the two brands you undertook as one of the many brands you create in your passion for excellence. Initially I thought, simple process, tell the company what we do, get a few logos together and print material etc. Well that is how typical industry goes about creating what they would term a “Brand”. To anyone who truly wants to create a Brand, the Brand New experience is a must. Hein travelled to Johannesburg and over an extensive in-depth process of discussion, interaction, questions and questions about questions, he left…. The time spent truly helped me understand and focus on exactly what I was about, what I wanted and how I thought it would be achieved. It was time spent under a tree at a special place, the setting was conducive to deep thought, reflection about what was, is and will be. My personal brand came back; the launch of Colin McKenzie was an experience, a revelation and a special day in my life. What I was most amazed with is the absolute accuracy of who “Colin McKenzie” is, what he stands for and what he needs to achieve in the years ahead. It aligned my mind and my dreams in an end goal and there was a tangible objective with a “logo” that relates to this. The community brand “RAG” was presented and this has had significant results, it did and continues to be a brand the residents are proud of and it definitely is one that stands out above the rest. Taking the many friends and family and staff and residents through the various aspects of the brand, it is amazing how motivated and proud they stand behind the brand and relate to it in all aspects of their daily activities.Initially I was skeptical as many whom read this may well be, but I can assure you it is an experience, a process and when all done, it will be something you could almost hand down for generations to come. Thanks to the team at Brand New.

Colin, Colin McKenzie


Stepp would like to take this opportunity to thank the Brand New team for their assistance with re-naming and re-branding of our company. It was an extraordinary journey from the introduction, discovery phase until the time you unveiled our name and brand. We can only compliment Brand New for your professional manner in which they conducted their business. They showed us a brand is built from a story that belongs to each and every individual within the Stepp organisation and how we emotionally engage with our clients on a daily basis. They capture the different emotions and thoughts of each of our employees in order to establish our brand. Everybody at Stepp feel they belong to the new story, brand and company. Brand New helped us to revitalise our company and brand. Our staff is excited and proud to be part of this new fresh company and brand. The staff has a new vision in providing skilled guidance and risk management advice to our clients to ensure that they experience a fulfilled life. Stepp is proud of our new identity and we would highly recommend your service to other companies.
Thank Brand New!

Vernon Solomon, Stepp

Hiermee deel ek graag my ervaring van Brand New as diensverskaffer. Ek het hulle gebruik vir ontwikkeling van ’n nuwe maatskappy, met “branding” en ontwerp van ’n nuwe webblad. Ek het van die eerste telefoniese konsultasie met Hein du Plessis onder die indruk gekom dat ek vir hulle belangrik is as kliënt. Hy was altyd stiptelik met die nakom van beloftes en tydskedules. Hy het my kom besoek op my plaas en het persoonlike aandag gegee aan my behoeftes. Die profesionele manier van doen, tesame met die inoverende manier van dink en die kreatiewe uitdink van die ontwerpe was uitstekend. Die alternatiewe waaruit ek kon kies vir logo, name en die manier hoe hulle daarby uitgekom het, was vir my in ’n klas van hulle eie. Van die naamgee (IoI) tot die ontwerp van die logo, die vasvang van die etos en doel van die maatskappy tot die advertensie moontikhede en gebruik van die elektroniese media het nuwe werelde vir my oopgemaak. Ek het puik naverkoop diens gekry en altyd ’n bereidwilligheid ervaar om te help. Ek gaan beslis weer van hulle gebruik maak en beveel Brand New met groot vrymoedigheid aan by ander.

Dr GJ van Zyl, iOi


A very big thank you to Hein and his team at Brand New SA for the exceptional service we received from them! Their unique approach and attention to detail helped develop a brand for Barrage Auto that lies deep in the heart of management and our employees. They are committed to quality and are goal orientated. Their winning concepts motivated and inspired us into action and is driving our brand forward! I have found the Brand New SA team to be dynamic, innovative and proactive. Truly the BEST of the BEST!

Gina Swanepoel, CEO – Barrage Auto


My experience with Brand New led by Hein du Plessis and a talented team. My project was complex as we had to complete it being in two different cities. The innovation was superb, the creativity was astonishing and the connection to the Brand was amazing. It was not about the design nor the final product but the Brand New Experience.

Tumelo Chaka, Tumelo Chaka


Ek wil net baie dankie se vir jou en jou span by Brand New met jul wonderlike diens en kwaliteit werk wat julle lewer!!! Ek is regtig verbaas met die idee en logo waarmee jul voorendag gekom het en is regtig trots om my naam te koppel aan dit. Alle terugvoer wat ek al gekry het rakende die logo is NET positief, en ek wardeer dit opreg! Dis n vooreg om saam met julle manne besigheid te doen. Weereens baie dankie

Gideon Mostert, JAS Kraal


Richard Branson, founder of the Virgin Group reiterates that too many companies want their brand to reflect some “idealized, perfected image of themselves”. The problem with such a brand is that is has no “texture’ or character. Without texture or character STARE would not exist. We don’t only sell shoes, we sell a lifestyle. This mindset would not be portrayed without the help of Brand New. Hein and his team lead you through a discovery process that opens new avenues in the business. Avenues that would otherwise never have been explored. Not only is Brand New professional and passionate, their designs have character and texture. Brand New has the power to transform old dreams into brightly colored works of art.




Through their innovative personalised approach and attention to detail, Brand New perfectly matched my Personal brand (My personality, values and passion) with my Company brand to truly make me feel “Brand New”. If you are looking for a company that will go the extra mile to make your potential stand out from the crowd look no further. I will definitely recommend Brand New for ALL your branding needs.




I thought that I had an idea of marketing.  I could not separate marketing and branding. Through the process of brand discovery and development I realized how much I had fallen behind with regard to branding – especially looking at the before and after brands that you presented us with at the outset.  When we first met, I could never have imagined that I could find a person or company that encapsulates what we do on a 1 pager. This is what the team at Brand New have been able to do. Now, as we enter an exciting and more clearly defined era, I can see how branding can be used to formulate a marketing strategy. The one cannot be separated from the other. Thank you for helping us to discover, define and professionally formulate Dynamic’s brand.

Theo Swanepoel, Dynamic



If you want someone who can align you vision visually with your brand, you will want to use Brand New. Not only are they passionate about your brand, but they also give you branding that can be use diversely. Real value for money.




Ruwacon entered a number of new markets which called for a brand that distinguished, yet unified the new divisions in the group.  Brand New created a relevant and fresh brand identity effectively distinguishing the different divisions in the group without compromising the unity that is Ruwacon. We recommend Brand New to any company considering a rebranding process.

Pieter Ruthven, RWC



If you want someone who can align you vision visually with your brand, you will want to use Brand New. Not only are they passionate about your brand, but they also give you branding that can be use diversely. Real value for money.

Barry Schutte, Barry Schutte Success Academy



When Mbuyisa Moleele asked Brand New to design a logo for our new law firm, I knew the logo would be good but I also did not expect that a lot could be done with double Ms. What we received from Brand New was much more, the logo is refreshing and even further, they came up with a different take on the double M’s that I had never seen before. The logo depicted what we were about perfectly and showed our uniqueness. Brand New also accommodated our challenges as a new firm and were very accommodating and highly professional. I would recommend them to people all the time because of their innovative products. We appreciate them very much

MM Attorneys



The design and overall new branding works so well with what we stand for, the Brand New team is wonderful to work with, always assisting in a professional manner and on time.  We would recommend Brand New to all businesses looking to rebrand. It has been a pleasure working with them.

Joani Johnson, Mrs SA



A Very proud moment for us after: Re branding Isnick Transport by the Brand New Team. From the word Go we felt safe in the professional hands of the Brand New Team. Well done for knowing exactly what we were after and we Always felt welcome at Brand New Bloemfontein! The end product is mind blowing! Thank you for helping our business grow in the right direction. We can Highly recommend Brand New to anyone who needs a step in the right direction! a Big Thank you




As a young racing driver it is an absolute pleasure and honour to say a few words about my brand developers, Brand New SA. Hein du Plessis and his unbelievable team are an integral part of the professional team establishing my brand as a household name in South Africa and in Europe. Their creativity, designs, concepts and support has amazed and I will recommend Brand New SA to each and every business or individual. I looking forward to many more years of racing with Brand New SA supporting me. Proud to be associated with such a professional, creative hard working company.

Stuart White, South African Motorsport Ambassador



It’s an unbelievable experience to work with Brand New SA. Their approach with regards to the message that is directed towards the consumer market is fresh and has taken our brand to the a next level. The discovery session stimulated us to think about your business from all angles and gave us new insights and focus into our business and our positioning in the market. Brand New has the ability to bring out the best in your brand.

Christa Strydom, CEO – The African Coffee Hub



It is a privilege to be associated with Brand New SA. We have been working with them on numerous and diverse projects. They offer high quality services and we are always satisfied and blown away by the work they create. Over time our working relationship with Hein has grown into a close friendship. He possesses great integrity, honesty and responsibility. He leads his team with great passion and dedication. We strongly recommend the services of Brand New SA to anyone who wants to take their business to greater heights. We look forward to a long working relationship with Brand New SA.

Moretlo Kabi, CEO – CAMEO



We recently had the pleasure of working with Hein and Erick of Brand New. Hein’s attention to the details and brief he took was exceptional. With one brief (albeit a few hours long) they came up with an amazing concept / idea / logo. Our new brand has been personalised to fit not only our purpose and personality but reminds us at the same time what we stand for as a company. The brand is not a commercialised image but more of a symbol and reminder of who we are as people and what we stand for personally in our lives. Our clients have been intrigued and asked the meaning behind it which is exciting to explain and chat about. It was a pleasure dealing with them both and would highly recommend anyone them for their professional service and attention to the small details of the whole brand experience.

Gavin & Sam Sharples



STRE37, a project aimed at exposing corporate leaders to the harsh realities of life on a South African city-street, is the creative genius of BrandNew.  Using our street-address – i.e. 37 Henry Street and connecting the number ‘37’ with the average body temperature of healthy human being to build a project-brand, is totally out-of-the-box thinking!  It enabled us to not only reach out and serve the vulnerable people of our city from a new angle, but connected us with new potential partners who want to make a difference where it matters.

Towers of Hope

Brand New assisting the Company with all the business branding including statutory material from design to printing, where they couldn’t help they have went out of their way to get the Company a reputable service provider who can offer that required services which is not within their scope of services. I can confirm that:

  • Their service has been more than satisfactory
  • Their accuracy, communication and attitude presented by their staff is of high quality

And due to all this I can comfortably recommend BrandNew to any company that needs the services of a Branding Partner.

Maxwell Mkhwane, MM Management and Consulting

We wish to take this opportunity to thank the team at Brand New and in particular Hein for the dedicated service that we were provided with when conceptualising and finalising our brand for the legal clinic. The whole approach towards establishing this now well received brand was enriching and helped us position our initiative to various stakeholders with ease.
We were impressed by the amount of time, effort and overall consideration taken by the team in the creation of this brand, its age, dress and personality. The time taken to understand us and our objectives of establishing a caring, timeless and approachable brand was well captured.
Thank you Hein and the team for the time and effort to help birth this wonderful timeless initiative that seeks to provide access to justice for all. Our presence in the crowded brand space of legal services of its nature is made ever distinguished by your well thought out, innovative and visionary approach.

Haki Legal Clinic

Hein Du Plessis, van Brand New, het seker vir plus-minus ses maande probeer om ‘n afspraak met my te maak om my maatskappy se handelsmerk te bepreek. Ek het nie belang gestel nie en gevoel dit is geld mors, maar na al sy vasberadenheid het ek ingestem op ‘n onderhoud met voorwaarde dat ek onder geen verpligting sal wees nie.
Die onderhoud van ± 2 ½ uur het my baie beïndruk, veral die vrae wat opnuut weer ons visie en passie vir ons besigheid laat herleef het. Die voorlegging het daarna gevolg. Ek moet sê die verandering het viuseel vir ons as maatskappy hoog beïndruk. Dit het gevoel asof ons visie en passie vir die besigheid ‘n werklikheid geword het.
So min as wat ek aandag en tyd of geld wou spandeer het, het dit nou ons middelpunt geword. Jou handelsmerk (“brand”) uitbeelding is visueel uiters belangrik vir jou personeel en kliënte.
Hein, hierdie was een van my beste besigheids beluite, daarom sal ek jou en jou span, met jul uiters profesionaliteit vir enige nuwe of ou besigheid ten sterkste aanbeveel.
Brand New het ons rigting, visie en passie ‘n werklikheid gemaak.
Groete en Dankie.

Rudi Herbst , SA Group

My dream and vision to commercially breed African wildlife started in the late 80’s and as a result, Unyati was established in 2007. By grace and hard work Unyati progressively grew into a serious role-player in the game industry. In 2016 we realised our brand identity was outdated and it was time to elevate and rethink our design and positioning. I was introduced to Hein du Plessis from Brand New in order to develop a “time-less” look and feel to our brand identity which they have done in excellence.  Our new brand exemplifies diversification, genetic excellence, my passion and the ongoing challenges of breeding distinguished wildlife. I will recommend Brand New SA to anyone who wants to elevate or reposition their brand identity. Be assured Brand New SA will not disappoint.

Jaco Troskie, UNYATI

I want you to know how much I appreciate the excellent service you provided Jager with our rebranding endeavour. Your attention to detail, great communication skills, and ready smile made the experience even better than I expected. Brand New ensured that our needs were are analysed and adhere to. I won’t hesitate to bring future clients to Brand New for any branding assistance and advice.

Ivaan de Jager, Jager

I recommend Brand New SA as brand developers and service providers. They developed our brand and various applications thereof. My experience and interpretation of Brand New SA, as team, is that they are of good character and has always shown integrity and an immeasurable spirit of willingness. Without a doubt, Brand New SA was and still is an asset, as our needs develop and I recommend them to any company, whether a small or large corporate structure.

Louis Badenhorst , QSITE

Until recently my understanding of branding was the design of a logo and printing of stationery with the new logo on it.  After my first meeting with the Brand New team I realised that I was grossly neglected by the agencies that I have used before.  Branding was much more than the mere design of a logo.  After spending hours and hours with them they helped us understand what our brand and ultimately we, stand for. Brand New assisted us to bring about change in our company and we believe it will impact the accounting and tax industry and our relationship with clients.

Jaco Myburg , JM Accountants

The Toyota Cheetahs approached Brand New for the development and design of 120 year Reunion and Celebratory logo in 2015. Hein and his team performed exceptionally well and gave us an outstanding design. Not only did they fully understand our brief from day one, they also exceeded our expectation throughout the process. Well done and many thanks to the Brand New team!

Kobus , Cheetahs 120