“Brand is not what you say it is. It’s what they say it is.”

-Marty Neumeir

Brand New is an integral part of our business. We are now repositioned from being  ordinary to that of exceptional and proud of our new identity.

They are forward thinking and it is almost supernatural how our entire business was changed by giving us a deeper insight into who we are.

The journey was rewarding and their intelligent, professional and witty approach resulted in work that took our breath away.

Expect an experience far beyond the standard, it felt like a visit to a business coach and psychologist all in one.

With a firm hand and personalised approach Brand New walked the extra mile and immediately connected me emotionally to my brand.

I am now convinced about the power of branding -Brand New is in a class of their own.

Since everything we do,
is always Brand New.
We just thought that you,
might want to check these out too:


Brand New SA 
Hein du Plessis +27 82 9250048 | hein@brandnewsa.com
Timothy du Plessis  +27 84 440 0268 | timothy@brandnewsa.com

Brand New Lesotho 
Mrs Maben Mohasi +266 5868 1663 | maben.ls@brandnewafrika.com
Pheko Ramodibedi + 27 60 663 5675

Brand New afriKa 
Osita David Uwa +27 71 869 8528 | david@brandnewafrika.com

Brand New Uganda
Osita David Uwa +27 71 869 8528 | david@brandnewafrika.com
Emily Akullu +256 772 999 915 | emily.ug@brandnewafrika.com

Brand New Namibia
Hein du Plessis +27 82 9250048 | hein@brandnewsa.com

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